We contribute to the achievement of equality under the law between women and men in the Western Balkans.

Our Vision

A world in which women and men in the Western Balkans enjoy equality under the law, and also in practice, where gender stereotypes do not impact the conduct or outcome of legal cases, and where every individual benefits from the effective implementation of national, European and international gender equality provisions.

Our Mission

The GCJ Network supports and empowers male and female judges across the region to advance gender equality and the protection of women’s rights in the Western Balkans.

Siofra O’Leary

President of the European Court of Human Rights

Gender equality is central to human rights protection, the functioning of democracy and good governance, as well as respect for the rule of law and the promotion of well-being for all. The GCJ Network couldn’t be more relevant, in your Region, and across Europe as a whole. I am proud to be one of its patrons.

Robert Spano

President of the Board of Patrons and former President of the European Court of Human Rights

I’m honoured to be President of the Board of Patrons of the GCJ Network. Gender based discrimination in any form, and most particularly violence against women, must be fought at all costs. I have dedicated my career, not least the last 9 years as a Judge then President of the European Court of Human Rights, to securing equality of men and women as a most fundamental human right. Judges are on the front line of this battle, especially so in the region. Men and women must play their role here with equal strength. I look forward to playing my role and giving the network my full support.

Dunja Mijatović

COE Human Rights Commissionar

In times of great challenges, which further exacerbate the violence and discrimination that women and girls face on a daily basis, the Istanbul Convention remains our beacon in eradicating this phenomenon, challenging the patriarchal attitudes that enable it, ensuring the protection of victims and punishing perpetrators and raising awareness. effect on women and girls, as well as on society as a whole

Ivana Jelić
Judge on the European Court of Human Rights

Gender equality is such a value that highlights human dignity and human integrity as the inherence of all human beings. The goal to achieve this value involves all of us, regardless of the one’s sex, self-identification or affiliations. We all have a role to play in promoting gender equality in all spheres of life. But, judges have a decisive role in protection against gender-based discrimination, violence and abuse. Being one of the patrons of the Network makes me honoured.


Second Gender Equality and the Western Balkans Judicial Forum

2-3 June 2023
Venue: Belgrade, Serbia

This high-profile event will bring together key judicial actors from region and beyond, including representatives from European Court of Human Rights, representatives from important regional judicial and other state institutions, academics, and NGOs….

First Regional Gender Equality Forum for the Western Balkans

1-2 April 2022
Venue: Budva, Montenegro

The Forum will bring together the President and Vice-President of the European Court of Human Rights, the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, judges and former judges of the European Court…

The fight against femicide in Bosnia and Herzegovina – international standards and jurisprudence of BH courts

25 March 2022
Venue: Online & Swissotel Sarajevo, BiH

The publication Analysis of Case-Law on Femicide and Attempted Femicide in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be presented at the event. The Analysis offers an overview of BiH criminal law and deeper insight…


Public statement regarding the murders in Gradačac and cases of gender-based violence in Bosnia and Herzegovina

16 August 2023

Appalled by the murders in Gradačac in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the AIRE Centre expresses its condolences to the families and friends of the victims of this crime

The Largest Regional Judicial Forum on Gender Equality Opened in Belgrade

2 June 2023, Belgrade, Serbia

The Western Balkans countries have good laws, but due to their ineffective implementation, women are still one of the most vulnerable categories in the region…

Interview with Judge Popović: “Nearly Every Other Woman in Montenegro Has Experienced Violence from Their Partners”

24 May 2023

As we are counting down the days until highly anticipated Second Gender Equality and the Western Balkans Judicial Forum, taking place on 2nd and 3rd of June in Belgrade, we had the privilege of interviewing Mirjana Popović,